Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

A model of proceeding with proficient competency advancement by utilizing ICT (learn at senior secondary teachers Padangsidimpuan, north sumatera)


Escober Husain

In order to solve the weakness of current status of high school teachers’ professional competency in
Padangsidimpuan the researcher purposed this study to implement A Model of Continuing Professional
Competency Development by using Information Communication Technology (ICT). This study was
conducted by using a Research and Development (R&D). Two high schools were used as pilot test to
determine the effect of ICT on the professional competency development of the teachers. Findings
show that: (1) there was no expert in Padangsidimpuan; lack of facilities and teaching equipment and
insufficient skill in using ICT; (2) several efforts which had been conducted by the Local Department of
Education such doing educational seminars; professional meeting among subject teachers (MGMP) and
headmasters (MKKS); training writing scientific papers (KTI); and technical guidance (BIMTEK) were not
maximized (3) the teachers were lack of motivation in using ICT; (4) the use of a model of continuing
professional competency development by using ICT on the high school teachers can improve their
professional competence; and (5) the implementation of a model of continuing professional
competency development by using ICT in Padangsidimpuan indicated that they are strongly agreed and
considered more effective, because it will be benefit to the advancement of senior high school
education in Padangsidimpuan.


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