Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

A review of adoption of online learning and new directions based on self-reported assessment


Yu-Fen Chen and Huai-En Mo

The academic community has acknowledged the revolution brought about by online courses at the
university level. This study reported on the use of online accounting courses as a tool for creating an
online learning environment. Responses from undergraduate accounting students (including both day
students and evening students) provided the data to understand the self-reported course assessment
(including input and participation) of students. Consistent with the findings of earlier studies, this study
revealed that the majority of students show a positive attitude toward using online learning strategies.
However, this study differed from earlier studies in its finding that students were reluctant to participate
in online discussion forums in general. The study discussed the implications of such unwillingness and
a few other factors for faculty contemplating the adoption of online courses.


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