Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Determinants of resistance of open acquisition guidelines in Kenyan auxiliary schools


Joseph M, Emmanuel C. O, Kumulu K. N.

Kenya’s public procurement and disposal Act of 2005 sets out clear rules and procedures for public
procurement entities to follow; however this does not seem to be the case. This study sought to
examine determinants of Non-compliance to the Public Procurement Regulations in Kenyan Secondary
Schools. The study adopted a descriptive survey research. A sample of twelve (12) schools was utilized
in this study from a population of thirty three (33) registered public secondary schools in Kitui Central
District. The target population was the Public Secondary School Tendering Committees’ members; the
suppliers and the principals of the twelve (12) Public Secondary Schools were adopted for this study.
Stratified random sampling was adopted in this study. The tendering committees yielded 120
respondents, school principals were 12 and the total number of suppliers was 60. Structured self
administered questionnaires, interview guides and document analysis were used in data collection.
Findings in this study revealed that most respondents in this study were not familiar with the new
procurement rules and regulations. There is need therefore for government and public institutions to
lay emphasis on familiarization of the new procurement rules and regulations and to intensify
continuous education among the procurement stakeholders in the public procurement process
particularly at the secondary school level.


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