Annals of Educational Research and Reviews



Pooja Sharma and Shivangi Nigam

Education is the birth right of every individual- be it from any religion, race, creed or caste. The Govt. of India
brought into implementation the Right to Education Act 2009 as its initiative to provide free and compulsory
education to all up to elementary level. The 25% reservation for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) in all
the private schools was a landmark that provided the equality of opportunity to the low income groups to get
their wards admitted in the private schools. This initiative by the Government was appreciated all over India and
many students from low socio-economic background were benefitted from it. But, the question underlying is
that are these students accepted whole heartedly by the administrators, teachers and students of those
schools? The present paper focuses on two issues: one pertaining to the attitude of private schools
(administrators and teachers) towards the reservation and the other one related to the conditions faced by the
students admitted under the EWS category. The results and findings of the study are discussed in detail in the
sections in the paper.


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