Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Examination of the advantage of the school-based workshops appeal to staff burgeoning in secondary schools


Andriy Bogdan

Burgeoning of staff in any organization in order to attain quality results is a sine qua non. The human
resource of any organization, including schools and colleges is central to its effectiveness. What
matters is the model that is used to enable the development of staff, in this case the development of
teachers in secondary schools. This article argues that the school-based workshops as a component of
staff development in the schools is the most effective due to several reasons, among them, the
contextuality of the approach, it needs-driven nature, and the collaboration and teamwork that are its
hallmark. Apart from the above, the study highlights some advantages that accrue such as being costeffective
and time saving and not being disruptive to the teaching and learning processes. The study
combines both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to research.


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