Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

General self-efficacy and worry in an Iranianadolescents and youths samples


Siamak Khodarahimi

The purpose of this research study was twofold: to examine the worry and self-efficacy relationships, and investigate
whether self-efficacy can explain worry variation in regression model in an Iranian adolescents and youths
samples.Participants included 200 adolescents and 200 youths randomly selected from Eghlid town,Fars province, Iran.A
demographic questionnaire,the Generalised Self-efficacy Scale and Ahwaz Worry Inventory were used in the
study.Resulting data demonstrated that self-efficacy and worry have significant negative correlations coefficients in
adolescents and youths.Initiation and persistence subscales of general self-efficacy explained 42 and 45 percent of worry
variation in adolescents and youths respectively.General self-efficacy construct and its initiation and persistence subscales
have great importance for worry prevention in adolescents and youths.Hence,both self efficacy and worry measures could
be supplied for screening and intervention goals at individual and collective levels among them.


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