Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

How information management increases the value of e-learning media


Ahmed Hassan, Aliyu Osman and Osborn Mohammed

Media is the combination of text, images, animations, digital library, which is now a standard part of most computer applications. Education media can be a great tool to improve teaching and learning. A growing number of educational institutions (EI) are developing a new learning culture, as they realize that getting an institution's learning capacity to gain momentum is not that easy. It is not just a question of installing a new learning instruments or knowledge management (KM) technologies; it requires overcoming the difficulties in the selection and evaluation of e-learning process media. The model presented in this paper combines e-learning and KM into adaptable framework that provides integrated support end effect on various medias involved in the education systems. The model is a suggestion to improve teaching and learning process and how KM adds a successful help for educational consumers in selecting and evaluating e-learning media. This paper is also concerned with three key ideas: the growing importance of e-learning as knowledge scaffoldering, the emerging significance of KM practice in informing strategic directions, and the effects of KM on e-learning media development.


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