Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Impression of utilizing uncontrollable web 2.0 technology in LIS education and virtual learning environment: A study


Sur Chandra, Deepshikha Sen and Mukut Sarmah

The use of Web 2.0 tools are very helpful in constructing our ideas and develop a new vision to look at
simple things in different possible and best ways. Web 2.0 Technology endorses the way in which
teachers learn, browse information and communicate with students instantly. These tools facilitate
distance learning, virtual online learning and e- learning which have transformed the way the teaching
learning process a lot. It offers new and alternate modes of delivery and facilitates to reach new
potential target groups. The present study attempted to assess familiarity of Web 2.0 and to determine
the difficulties faced by LIS faculty while using and teaching Web 2.0 tools in LIS education in India.
Survey method is adopted with the help of online structured questionnaire and designed keeping in
view of the stated objectives comprising of several types of questions, dichotomous questions
(yes/no), multiple choice questions and opinion-based questions. Findings revealed that 95.45% of
participants learned through self-practice or through online tutorials.


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