Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Investigating the determinants of students drop out at Injibara University: The way to retain students


Eshetu Mebratie* and Tesfaye Nigussie

The purpose of this study is to determine the reasons for students' dropout at Injibara University using tuition fees, geographic location, job, quality of education, and war as independent variables and students' dropout as a dependent variable. Methodologically, the researchers used a five-Point Likert-scale questionnaire to collect primary data from the entire sample of 366 students. The data was analysed with the Logit model. After the analysis, it was concluded that Tuition fees, geographic location, job, assessment techniques, lack of personalized attention for students, and war were shown to be the most significant predictors of weekend students dropping out of university. Finally, the researchers recommends that opening continuing and distance education offices (in addition to the main campus) in selected three areas where students can attend their class in their locality; and exam committees in each department ought to be functionalized.


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