Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Traditional learning versus bologna education: coassessment and roles assignment, an experience of innovation in university teaching


Manuel Platero-Jaime and Sonia Benito-Hernández

This project aims to strengthen some students' skills through a dynamic learning project aligned with
the Bologna methodology. The main objective of this pilot-project is to provide the basics of the course
to the student at the same time as developing different skills that they will have to use in the labour
market. This teaching experience presents a co-assessment system linked to the assignment of
different roles for the students. These characteristics provide an experience that is appealing and
efficient for students’ learning and skills development. This research offers a comparison between the
Bologna methodology applied in the pilot-project and the traditional teaching methodology used in the
same course during the previous academic year. This paper also provides some results and
conclusions based on the Bologna Process and its implementation.


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