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Usage of Generic Equipment Model (E30 Standard) for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) robotization instrument


Atrayee Banerjee

The Semi Equipment Communication standard (SECS) defines a communication interface suitable for
the exchange of messages between semiconductor processing equipment intended for wafer
manufacturing, wafer processing and a host. This standard provides a means to communicate between
different equipment without knowledge of their protocols. SECS is a layered protocol, which helps to
understand meaning of messages between semiconductor processing element and host.
Implementation of SECS standard will provide solution for making changes in automation software for
complete process. This paper proposes a scientific and systematic approach to the design and
development of a universal equipment interface by taking enterprise integration and cutting-edge
technology requirements into consideration. In this paper, implementation of Alarm Management
standard (E-30) under GEM (Generic Equipment Model for communication and control) layer is
discussed. It is one of the layers of SECS Standard. GEM defines equipment behaviors and methods to
communicate and control. GEM features in the equipment conforming to SEMI E30 standard.


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