Annals of Educational Research and Reviews

Commentary - (2021) Volume 9, Issue 5

Educational planning and administration
Horne David*
Department of Sociology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
*Correspondence: Horne David, Department of Sociology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada,

About the Study

Educational planning

Educational Planning is important for improvement of each country and according to which changes would have been introduced in social, political, economic, cultural and academic sphere in a scientific and orderly manner. Simply speaking planning manner to assume before acting, and to behave according to facts, not, conjectures or speculation.

Significance of educational planning

To make each programmer of an academic organization or corporation grand success. And Proper academic planning saves time, attempt and money as planning in each subject is a time-saving, an effort-saving and a moneysaving activity.. Educational planning is a valid technique of fixing academic issues through avoiding the trial and error technique of doing things. Educational planning is essential for the excellent utilization of available sources.

Educational planning assessments wastage and failure and contributes to the smoothness, ease and efficiency of the executive technique in the field of education. Through proper planning in education, education may be the best method through which society will maintain and increase its destiny value system, way of existence of an individual, knowledge, abilities and applications, and culture of the country.

Types of educational planning

Administrative planning: Generally speaking Administrative planning refers to planning in administrative perspective. In the field of education, administrative planning relates to distribution of responsibilities and powers for Specific ranges of education. In administrative instructional planning, the executive responsibilities and powers are phase-wise planned in terms of the level of various educational administrators.

This planning of education makes a detail plan on structure and corporation of education at different stages primary, secondary, higher secondary, higher general, technical and professional. This planning prepares planning on period of an academic programmer, organization and co-ordination of instructional programmers, monetary allocation or finances for the programmer, engagement of educational officers in the programmer, and clean management of the programmer etc.

Academic or curricular planning: This kind of educational planning refers to planning for clean educational transaction of the syllabus for any path at any stage of training. It encompasses planning on training in terms of needs and demands of the person and society.

Advertisements: Formulation of educational desires, formation of curriculum committee for improvement of curriculum and selection of suitable techniques and methods of teaching, planning of content material units, planning for evaluation, planning for evaluation of the curriculum, planning to be used of library, planning for unique provision for the gifted and remedial education for slow learners etc.

Co-curricular planning: This planning of education is necessary for bringing general improvement of a student in one factor and general improvement of an academic organization or corporation in every other factor. This planning includes making plans for student welfare services, planning for sports activities and games, planning for social sports and programmers, planning for cultural sports and programmers, planning for pursuits etc.

Educational administration: Educational Administration is regarded because the technique of integrating the appropriate human and material sources which are made available and made effective for achieving the functions of a programmer of an educational organization.

The term “Administration” doesn’t refer to any single method or act. It is like a wide umbrella encompassing some of techniques such as: planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and evaluating the performance. The same situation takes place in the area of educational management. The concept of educational management is relevant in case of an educational organization which has certain functions or goals to fulfill.

The educational administration has the following nature

Educational management doesn’t refer to any single technique as an alternative specific technique or aspects represent management. These are planning, organizing, directing, Coordinating and evaluation. Educational management is a non-profit making task. Educational management is generally a social organization as it is more concerned with human resources than with material resources. Educational management is more an art than a science. The purpose is that human relationship prevailed right here can’t be maintained through any set of formulae. Educational management is similar to preferred management in many ways; however it is also dissimilar to preferred management in many more ways.

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